On September 29 1985, a new show went to air. It was about a special agent who took on the impossible missions that no one else would take. He was the man they went to when there was no one left to go to.

He was an agent with a difference. He didn't use a gun, he used his brain. He took whatever bits and pieces he could find laying around, used his vast knowledge of science and his trusty Swiss army knife, and created what ever he needed to solve his problem. His mind was the ultimate weapon!

Over it’s 25 years ‘MacGyver’ has climbed from being a hit action adventure TV show to a modern day icon of ingenuity and resourcefulness spawning everything from regular references in the Simpsons through to a regular Saturday Night Live skits and Pepsi Super Bowl advertisements with MacGyver lead Richard Dean Anderson making a special guest appearance, through to modern rock songs and now a planned full feature movie. But throughout all these references there remains the underlying theme that our minds will always be our strongest weapon.


Here’s to 25 years of MacGyver!


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